pancreas_largePancreas is the official journal of the American Pancreatic Association. Pancreas provides a central forum for communication of original works involving both basic and clinical research on the exocrine and endocrine pancreas and their interrelationships and consequences in disease states. This multidisciplinary, international journal covers the whole spectrum of basic sciences, etiology, prevention, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and surgical and medical management of pancreatic diseases, including cancer.

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Each year, the Hirshberg Foundation gives an award to the best abstracts in pancreatic cancer presented at the Annual Meeting. In 2016, the awards went to: 


Best Clinical Science Abstract     

 Aatur Singhi – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Alterative Lengthening Of Telomeres And Loss Of Daxx/Atrx Expression Predicts Metastatic Disease And Poor Survival In Patients With Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors


Best Basic/Experimental Abstract

Thomas Mace – The Ohio State University

Il-6 And Pd-l1 Antibody Blockade Combination Therapy Limits Tumor Progression In Murine Models Of Pancreatic Cancer